About Us

Get to know the Weigh Station crew


Our vision is to increase road safety through delivery of a professional mobile weighing service that provides information enabling you to drive, tow and travel more safely.

We are keen 4WDers who over the past 20 years have explored Australia extensively in both soft and hard floor campers and caravans. We currently tow a Rhinomax Hybrid Off Road camper. We are passionate about the travelling lifestyle and enjoy swapping stories and experiences from our journeys around Australia with fellow travellers.

With a career spanning nearly forty years with Victoria Police and extensive experience in the Highway Patrol, we believe the knowledge we’ve gained regarding caravan and camper towing, road safety and legislative compliance places us in a unique position to assist you.
We want to help you travel safely and to provide understanding and common sense to the acronyms and complex requirements of road safety legislation.

Call 0419 516 237 to book in your weighing!